Unidentified Journal Person (ujp) wrote,
Unidentified Journal Person

100 orgasms

So I've decided to give this a shot, or a 100, heh. I've been a long time lurker but I figure my best opportunity to complete this challenge would be during the summer, less work and more inspiration. I guess the way it works is that you have to have an orgasm everyday for a 100 days straight, preferably through masturbation. It shouldn't be too easy, besides I know a few of you that are willing to give me a hand, right? ;)

(1-1) 7.5.05
I found an amazing vid of a woman masturbating, she looks like she is so into it. She's sucking a dildo while ramming another one inside her. I end up cumming in the shower. Very good orgasm.

(1-2) 7.6.05
I catch up on the many communites on LJ, such as show us your boobs, dailypussy, etc. I looked at Bostonvixen, eroticdevil's, jesscapades LJ's and that helped as well. Again I go to the shower, no muss no fuss, it all washes down the drain. Good O.

(1-3) 7.7.05
It's not a very good day to get into the mood with everything going on so I find that same girl from Tuesday. I think more than the visuals I find her voice, her moans, just amazing. Mmm...making me hard again, heh. I just came to that video, towards the end she's got a dildo in her ass and is rubbing her clit, moaning in ecstacy. Fair orgasm.

Hope I did everything okay, and wish me luck, in the future I'd be interested in rec'ving or giving some help ;), I'll have to read more about it.

Be well everyone
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