I can't believe it's been more than a year that I've posted anything.  I'm still on here often, but just haven't felt the need to write.  Strange, I have a girlfriend but am as horny as I've ever been...hmmm

Well on my friend's list I go....
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I don't write as oftem as I should on here. I guess I pretty much log on to see what everyone else is up to. Anyway, it is saturday morning and I woke up ready to play...


Things change around here huh. I've been defriended by many which I don't blame, frankly I haven't been on. Well I lurk now and then but dont find the need to write much down.

Kind of like today.

I was just want to have some fun...

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It's been a while eh? This thing has become more useless as I go. I just don't have time to myself these days. But I do today, so I'll see what I can dig up, no?

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wow it's been a while. I've probably been defriended by everyone. Just been too busy. My online playpal is also busy. It sucks, and I've been soooo mmm....

I had a great dream two nights ago, about someone I've never met but have slowly been building an attraction to. I saw her ass in my dreams and it was over.

Anyway, let me see what's going on around here.


Not that anyone relaly reads this, I know it's been a while. Anyway I really only use this for ummm deviant purposes heh. So I have this friend that IM with, it used to be innocent but now nine time outta ten we end up cybering. Is bad that I'm so used to it I get exciting just by seeing that she's on? Is it bad that the one time we don't I feel let down?


I know it's been a while. i've started a strange relationship with this girl. The cyber sex is really hot and I've gotten some nice pics, but the unfortunate thing is that she's married. I know it's not technically cheating, or is it? She's on the other side of the country so nothing's going to hapeen we both know where we are at in the situation. It's still strange. Maybe I should cutt it off now...I guess we'll see where it goes.

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I know I haven't updated in a while. There's just not a whole lot going on. As you guessed by now I screwed up with the 100 orgasms challenge. Not that I haven't been having any, but I missed a day. I think I'll try again in the fall. Speaking of orgasms...let's see what you're all up to. I hope it's good bc I'm horny... ;)

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I haven't had too much to say as of late, I guess the most interesting thing going on is my progress in the 100 Orgasms challenge.

(1-7) 7.11.05
In the shower thinking of an ex-lover. Once we had sex in my car in the middle of the night. Cars were driving by, at one point I was fingering her intensely, she pulled me out, tasted my fingers, and then gave me a taste. What a night that was. Good orgasm.

(1-8) 7.12.05
I started remembering a particularily good phone sex session I had, how J told me that she loved riding men for a little bit, and then going down on them. She enjoyed tasting herself on her man's cock. I got hard and had a great orgasm.

(1-9) 7.13.05
Just had an okay session in the shower, was thinking of a mistress that once say to me, "Cum you little worm." Hmm...

two more

(1-5) 7.9.05
I found a vid of a black girl slowly stripping and then masturbating. She started teasing herself with one finger, then two, then she went for three. The faces she was making were so intense. You could tell she was fucking loving it. Anyway, I've never been with a black woman, dark skinned Latinas but never a black woman. It was quite the turn on. I had a great orgasm watching her.

(1-6) 7.10.05
Woke up with a pretty good case of morning wood so I decided not to let it go to waste. Stroked myself for a while then finished up in the bathroom. Mild Orgasm, nothing special, except I was very dry so it got a little raw.

Where are you ladies? I'm on the prowl for some more fun!